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Vientiane eau de parfum

Vientiane eau de parfum

eau de parfum

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Named after the capitol of Laos, Vientiane means city of sandalwood. Vientiane was once known for its abundance of sandalwood trees, hence the name for our botanical sandalwood based perfume.

Vientiane is a soft sandalwood scent built upon a creamy jasmine rice accord, three types of rare and costly sandalwood, Chinese silk vine, vanilla and rice paddy herb. A rich, powdery, real sandalwood forward scent. Unisex. 

Please note as of 5/20/22 we have a new batch of Vientiane available utilizing a new sustainable sandalwood supplier.  The aroma of the new formulation of Vientiane is closer to what we originally launched in 2018.  We recommend ordering a sample of the new batch before purchasing a full size bottle.


milk, sandalwood, tapioca, powder, vanilla cream

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Gluten Free

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Yes, it's vegan.

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