About Us

PROV•I•DENCE: n. (1) the forseeing care of nature over the creatures of the earth.       (2) luck, fate, fortune. (3) Rhode Island's biggest little city.

Providence Perfume Company was created by Charna Ethier to embrace the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world.  After spending years working for large beauty and fragrance companies, she desired to create her own line of perfumes that were truly natural.  Drawing from her youth spent in the rural farmland of New England with parents who could only be described as devout hippies, she began the slow process of becoming a natural perfumer studying the properties of botanicals and the aromas of a youth spent in the country.  From the scent of maple tree sap before it's boiled into syrup to the heavenly aroma of lilacs blooming she had no lack of natural inspiration to draw upon.  Combined with her penchant for luxury and artisan quality goods, Providence Perfume Co. was born.

Charna was named 2012 Natural Perfumer of the Year, and her fragrances are Fifi award nominated-the highest honor in the industry.  Her perfumes have appeared in numerous publications such as W magazine, Vogue, Organic Spa, The Los Angeles Times and she has been featured on assorted media outlets espousing her passion for natural perfume.  Charna resides in Providence, RI with her family where she enjoys teaching natural perfumery classes at her boutique located at 13 South Angell Street Street and always finds time to stop and smell the roses.
Each fragrance is created by hand, in small batches using real plants, flowers, fruits and woods.  Each creation melds the ancient art of natural perfumery and the unsurpassed aroma of natural essential oils and absolutes.  Perfumes are 100% natural, blended in a pure alcohol spirit base. Natural perfumes don't overpower as many traditional perfumes can, and many who cannot wear synthetic fragrances or don't care for the chemical aroma rejoice when smelling a natural scent. Apply as often as desired, and inhale the exquisite botanical aroma.  
Due to the costly nature of our botanical ingredients and our independent status, samples of all our products are available for purchase.  Liquid perfume atomizer samples contain approximately 1-2 ml. perfume.
Many of our perfumes are colored due to their natural ingredients, please apply with care.
Providence Perfume Company's fragrances DO contain: costly and rare botanical aromatics,  hand crafted tinctures and aromatics collected from across the globe. Organic ingredients are sourced whenever possible.
They DO NOT contain:  synthetics, petrochemicals, fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, pthathlates or chemical fragrances.
We offer private fragrance events such as perfumed bridal showers where attendees can enjoy appetizers and cocktails while creating their own signature scent, and consultation services such as fragrance consultation.  Please contact us at info@providenceperfume.com with inquiries.
Email us at info@providenceperfume.com