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Luxurious all natural scented candles are finally here!  We have been working on creating a perfumed candle line made from entirely natural ingredients for years, and we've finally perfected them.  When we say these candles are beautifully scented AND all natural we mean it.  

Our hand poured candles are crafted from natural ingredients.  We use a blend of soy, coconut and beeswax that is responsibly sourced as the carrier wax for our candle line.  We create our candle scents from our natural perfumer's palette of rare scented materials and utilize the finest botanical essences and floral waxes.  No cost of materials was spared in the creation of our perfumed candles.  Candles are made with a cotton wick, housed in a black frosted glass vessel with an average burn time of 45 hours.  

Suitable for gift giving, our candles are packaged in recycled black paper cylinder boxes.


10 ounces

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