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Online natural perfumery classes taught by award winning perfumer Charna Ethier.  Classes are marked Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced with symbols to help guide students into the appropriate level perfumery class.

Novice level class.  These are the most basic classes we offer and are intended for those who are seeking a fun introduction to scent. These classes assume no experience or background in perfumery or essential oil usage and are not recommended for those who have taken previous classes.  

Beginner level class. Classes intended for those who wish to begin their journey into the art of natural perfumery.  These classes are the foundation of the methodology of perfumery and are comprehensive in nature, exploring various aspects of scent, fixation and essence identification.

Intermediate level class. These classes assume a working knowledge of perfumery and are intended for those who have studied and completed beginner level classes.  These Intermediate classes concentrate on formulation both in concept and design, and are heavily based in hands on creation and balancing of fragrances.

Advanced level class. The focus of these advanced level courses  are refinement and deconstruction of scents. Exploration of accord building and elevated methods of perfume construction are some of the key elements. Attendees must have completed both beginner and intermediate level courses or have a very strong background in perfumery.

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