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Formulating Natural Oil Based Fragrances, Online Perfume Course October 12th, 2024

Formulating Natural Oil Based Fragrances, Online Perfume Course October 12th, 2024

 Beginner level class

This Introductory perfume class focuses on creating natural oil based fragrances utilizing a carrier oil base. We are offering this class based on numerous student requests as oil based perfumes are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Small roll on bottles of scents are trending with consumers as they are portable, travel friendly and easy to apply. Many prefer the long lasting moisturizing fragrance perfume oils provide.  

Formulating natural fragrances using oil versus alcohol as a base presents a plethora of unique challenges.  For example, many absolutes commonly used in natural perfumery are insoluble in carrier oil, and some scent categories sing in carrier oil while others sink. Students will learn techniques to assist them in creating stable, harmonious oil based accords. There is a dearth of information available regarding creating sophisticated botanical oil-based fragrances, and Charna will share her knowledge gained from 15 years of experience formulating balanced and elegant perfume oils with her characteristic wit and generosity.

Topics covered in class include the following:

- recommended carrier oils. Pros and cons of various carrier oils. Carrier oils to avoid.

- proper ratios of top, heart, and base notes, necessary for creating balanced perfume oils.

- scent categories suitable for perfume oil formulation (i.e. fragrance families that work and don't work in carrier oils)

- reputable suppliers for sourcing ingredients and packaging

- botanical materials unsuitable for oil perfume formulation

- storage and aging of perfume oils

- packaging 

- pricing

- potency and longevity

- dilutions (ethanol versus oil dilutions)

- maceration

Registered students will receive a kit of essences, perfumery materials, carrier oils, bottles and lab ware valued at over $300 included in the price of the course.  Also included are the course syllabus and access to the live zoom class which runs from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm EST Saturday October 12th, 2024.  Included in the price of this class are the following materials which will be mailed to students prior to the class date (please note perfume kit ingredients are subject to change based on availability.)  Students will have essences and additional materials leftover after class so that they may continue to practice formulating on their own and practice their learned skills after the class ends.  Materials kit includes:

16 qty. botanical essences in 3 ml. vials
  • bergamot
  • jasmine absolute
  • patchouli
  • mandarin
  • vetiver
  • bay
  • rose absolute
  • oak moss 10%
  • fir balsam 25%
  • lavender 
  • mimosa
  • ylang ylang
  • apricot compound
  • neroli
  • Himalayan cedar wood 
  • tomato leaf compound
5 qty. labeled wide mouth vials for storing perfume oil mods
3 qty. 3 ml. labeled vials for scent detection experiment
1 qty. 10 ml. perfume bottle 
16 plastic pipettes
30 scent strips
carrier oils
Attendees will focus on creating five different fragrance mods during class.
Please note all classes are non refundable and non transferable. The only item not provided in the materials kit that is necessary for participation in class exercises is a small (10-50 ml.) beaker.  If you register for a perfume class, please make sure you have a small beaker available for class use.  Students must have access to wifi and a free zoom account to participate in class.

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