Treatment Oils

Hydrating nutrient rich oils to nourish the skin, hair, and nails

Our line of silken bath and body oils are created with the finest blend of emollient oils available.  We use apricot, sweet almond, safflower, aloe and jojoba to create a base that is rich and nourishing, yet absorbs quickly.  Safflower's high concentration of essential fatty acids act as a moisture seal, instantly plumping skin with hydration. Vitamin E helps provide antioxidant protection.  Helps maintain skin elasticity and suppleness.  Oils are perfumed with natural ingredients only and are created in artisan perfume fashion.  We use the finest botanical ingredients nature has to offer.  Oils are 100% natural, vegan and free of synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, dyes and parabans.  

Our bath and body oils are housed in 100 ml. vintage milk glass bottles which help protect the essential oils from light and heat exposure keeping them fresh and fragrant.  To experience ultimate hydration, we recommend applying our body oils post shower or bath before towelling dry.  Inhale the exquisite aroma and experience the best nature has to offer.