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Opoponax absolute

Opoponax absolute

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Famously used in the formulation of vintage Coco and Shalimar, this resin is challenging to source in absolute form. Opoponax absolute is a long lasting base note and popular fixative, with a sweeter, warmer aroma than the essential oil. This distillation has notes of oak, vanilla, honey, powder and leather, and we love it for imparting a boozy scotch-like note to fragrances. Sometimes referred to as "sweet myrrh", opoponax absolute is a very sticky, viscous material that must be warmed before using. This essence lends itself well to opulent amber, heavy floral and spice types of fragrances.

7.5 ml housed in a 10 ml vial

1/4 ounce

Gluten Free

rest easy - no gluten


Yes, it's vegan.

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