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Cepes Absolute, Aged 10 Years

Cepes Absolute, Aged 10 Years

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Cepes absolute comes from the porcini mushroom, and cepes aroma is earthy, salty and powerful. We think cepes smells like seaweed and porter beer, a swarthy oak moss like vegetal bomb. Our cepes is a rare, aged material that adds a unique, sexy, dirty note to fougere and floral blends.

This potent essence can easily dominate fragrances. Additionally undiluted cepes is hard to work with as it possesses a thick, sticky consistency making it hard to incorporate and dissolve in fragrances.  For ease of use, we've diluted this powerful ingredient to 25% in organic ethanol. This cepes absolute has been aged for a decade and has increased in depth and richness over the years. We find this to be a superior product versus a newer distillation. Very limited stock available.

Please note: Due to the rarity of this material, it is only offered in a 4 ml size. A small amount of cepes residue may be present in the bottom of the vial, this does not effect the aroma of the essence.

Gluten Free

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Yes, it's vegan.

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