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Bitter Almond Essential Oil

Bitter Almond Essential Oil

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Bitter almond is a powerful essence that can add a cherry or almond note to fragrances when used sparingly.  Try enhancing almond notes by combining with vanilla, coconut pulp and tonka. To enhance the fruity cherry aspect of bitter almond, try pairing with jasmine grandiflorum and pink grapefruit.  Warm, sweet and fruity, bitter almond is a distinct accessory note useful for creating gourmand or fruity floral scents.  

This essence can crystallize on the bottom of the vial depending on storage temperature and does not affect the aroma of the oil. Prussic acid free.

7.5 ml. housed in a 10 ml. vial

1/4 ounce

Gluten Free

rest easy - no gluten


Yes, it's vegan.

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