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Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Perfumed Loose Tea from Providence Perfume Co.

Our fragrant line of perfumed teas are inspired by vintage perfume labels from the art deco period. Each Providence Perfume Co. a•poth•a•care•tea is hand blended with the finest organic (and most delicious) tea leaves to which we add our fragrant touch. From hand chopped Tahitian vanilla beans, to locally grown hand picked rose petals, we put our heart into each batch of tea.  Naturally such perfection requires lots and lots of taste testing. Mmmmmm.

Each bottle of our a•poth•a•care•tea is housed in an authentic glass apothecary bottle. We encourage you to reuse this beautiful bottle after the tea is gone.  Tea sampler sets are packaged in tea test"er" tubes with cork stoppers. Again, reuse your test tubes for spice storage, mad scientist moments or perfume formulation.

We invite you to slow down while you enjoy our fragrant teas.  Inhale and smell the beautiful aroma, close your eyes and take a sip.  We hope you enjoy our organic a•poth•a•care•tea as much as we enjoy making it for you.

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