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White Lotus Absolute

White Lotus Absolute

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Such a rare and beautiful floral essence.  White lotus is regarded as a revered flower symbolizing purity and devotion.  The aroma of white lotus is complex, at once sweet, floral, spicy and fruity/balsamic. Honeyed and smooth, one must apply white lotus to the skin and sniff throughout the dry down to experience the beauty and complexity of its ever-changing aroma.  Most will never get to smell the exotic beauty of white lotus due to its rarity and cost.  We find this essence ages exceptionally well, and we love blending lotus with other floral notes such as jasmine and mimosa, sandalwood, grapefruit, and oud.  Very limited stock available.

Please note: Due to the rarity of this material, it is only offered in a 4 ml size

Gluten Free

rest easy - no gluten


Yes, it's vegan.

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