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Tahitian Vanilla Absolute

Tahitian Vanilla Absolute

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After sampling a number of sub-par vanilla absolutes from a variety of suppliers, we were thrilled to find this high quality Tahitian vanilla absolute boasting a 12% vanillin content. (Currently most vanilla absolutes available for sale only offer 8% vanillin content.) Creamy and lush, with fruity notes and hints of cherry, leather, smoke and chocolate.

Tahitian vanilla absolute is a touch less sweet than some Madagascar vanilla. We found this vanilla absolute was very potent, and was still detectable on the scent strip over a week after application!  

7.5 ml housed in a 10 ml vial

1/4 ounce

please note vanilla botanical species is tahitensis not planifolia as shown on label in photo

Gluten Free

rest easy - no gluten


Yes, it's vegan.

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