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Heliotropin Natural Isolate

Heliotropin Natural Isolate

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Heliotropin is a versatile natural isolate and fantastic addition to the natural perfumers palette.  Heliotropin smells of powdered almonds, with a sweet, slightly fruity aroma reminiscent of heliotrope flowers in bloom.  Small amounts of heliotropin adds a soft powdery quality to fragrances while larger amounts boost fruity aromas and increase fragrance diffusion and longevity. We've diluted the crystallized heliotropin to 20% in triethyl citrate, a natural carrier that dissolves in both ethanol and carrier oils.

7.5 ml housed in a 10 ml vial.

1/4 ounce

Gluten Free

rest easy - no gluten


Yes, it's vegan.

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