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Interested in perfumery? Want to learn how to create your own chemical free fragrances?  Our "nose" a.k.a Charna, teaches students how to make natural perfume, encouraging both beginner and intermediate students on how to craft their own fragrances.  Charna is an award winning perfumer, with an arsenal of natural perfumery experience which she readily shares with her students.

Students receive the fundamental building blocks necessary for learning how to create natural fragrances.  A breadth of information is covered in these classes, from dosage, scent classification, aging, filtering, sillage, fixation, tincturing, to accessory notes.  Classes are held during the Autumn and Spring months in our Providence, RI shop at 13 South Angell Street where students are immersed in a real working perfumery environment with access to rare essences, books and perfumery materials.

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Student feedback is a valuable tool for any teacher to gauge student satisfaction and discovery.  Here are what our students are saying:

"Charna Ethier, the nose and proprietress of Providence Perfume Company, is such a generous and extremely gifted person. Her wit and shimmering personality really shined throughout the duration of the weekend intensive I attended at her shop this past weekend. 
The shop is immaculate, and very intricately designed. Her staff is very knowledgeable, and friendly. The overall ambiance is extremely warm and welcoming.
Charna is very honest, and her knowledge is pretty extensive in all aspects in and surrounding her business. From the botanical materials she works with to create the amazing blends she has to offer, to fashion, beauty, marketing, design, packaging, etc. 
Charna informed us of a lot of inside information about the industry, the nature thereof, and she also shared an abundance of trade secrets, information you probably won't receive anywhere else. 
Charna pays strict attention to detail which shows in the printed handouts in the organized folder that we were all given at the introduction. 
Her passion is perfume and she has this amazing knack for finding the most exquisite essences that are of the highest quality, that come from all over the globe. During the 2nd portion of the workshop, she was ever so kind enough to share some of the most exotic essences that she pulled out of her cabinet of scented curiosities. Some were extremely rare and valuable, yet all were quite impressive.
 I would also like to mention that the amount of material that you get to take home, including printed material, resources, botanical kits and the products we made in 2 of the sessions; far exceed the dollar value of the 2 day intensive course.
Also, I had a chance to discuss her cologne creating workshop (a separate course she offers), and she revealed that this workshop mainly focused on blending. I can definitely say that I will make it a point to get back to Providence to attend this course sometime in the future.
Overall, I highly recommend the Weekend Perfumery Course - 4 Class Intensive; at Providence Perfume Co. in scenic Providence, RI. No matter what level your understanding is about the creation of perfume, there is so much that you will get out of 1 weekend. Thanks for everything Charna!"
"The Weekend Natural Perfumery Course exceeded all my expectations. Charna is a wonderful and passionate teacher. Her generosity of spirit comes through in her willingness to openly share all the knowledge and expertise she has gained through creating her perfumes and building her business. She is engaging, warm, and funny, and makes the class a fun and joyful experience. Charna makes the art and business of natural perfumery feel very accessible and removes the "intimidation factor" by being very straightforward and clear about how it all works. The information and resources she provides are invaluable, whether you want to start your own line of natural perfumes or just want to learn more about this beautiful art. If you're thinking about attending, go for it! You'll be so glad you did."

"I wanted to especially thank you for providing such a fantastic opportunity to learn about the world of natural perfumery, sharing yourself and experience as someone who has found success in that world, and being such a gracious host. Sitting and speaking with you has inspired me to follow this dream with all of my heart, and I will be forever grateful for that spark now within me. 
Thank you as well for all of the methods, tips, and tricks you let us in on - a lot of my misconceptions were thankfully corrected (especially about tincturing!) and the new things I learned will only make me a better, more focused artist. The thoughts on operating a business you were able to share with us were invaluable as well - I have a newfound confidence in creating a legitimate enterprise and getting it off the ground. 
Most importantly, I had an absolute blast. This weekend was one of the most fun and engaging I've had in a while - thank you for that, too. It was a pleasure to be able to indulge in the art we both love so dearly."  

"Owning a bodycare business, I took this class to help create new blends for scenting my products.  I feel like I have a better idea of what scents go together now.  The business aspect of perfume we discussed in class was interesting.  I feel like I learned a lot that I can apply to my business."

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Author: Charna Ethier
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