January Joy Part 2 - Adding Spice

Happy January!  I awoke this morning to . . . wait for it . . . a dusting of snow!  The first of the year.  It was enough to turn the ground white and slushy, really just an inch but it pleased me immensely.  I didn't even mind the feeling of freezing water seeping into my sneakers (foolish I know) as I rushed about running errands this morning.  

Yesterday I forgot to post the rules for the Joy In January blog project.  My apologies.  I was supposed to let you all know that the three winners would be drawn and posted on January 19th.  Each comment was to include a name or nickname and an email address.  Oh well, no harm done.  Please check back on Thursday when I'll post the winners using your comment name.  Make sense?  Winners will be chosen at random from the comments posted for that days giveaway. So if you only leave a comment on the first day you'll only be eligible to win that days prize. Whew, glad we got that out of the way.  

I've decided to make up a pot of chili or spicy Asian mushroom soup today to help warm up.  Spices such as cayenne and ginger are fantastic antioxidants and are even shown to increase metabolism, just what we need when it's cold outside!  Something warm and hearty with a kick.  Keeping with this idea of spice today we will give away a 6 ml. atomizer of Ginger Lily edp.

Ginger Lily is a unisex perfume, a fresh clean oriental blend with spiced ginger lily, allspice, clove, ylang ylang, rose, black pepper, amber and vetiver.  It's one of my personal favorites and has garnered many loyal fans over the years.  I find it's scent clean and uplifting.  Would you like to try it?  If so, please leave a comment with your favorite spice.  This spice could be your favorite to cook with, to wear in a perfume, to eat, to sniff, to uplift.  Whatever you please.  To start the ball rolling, one of my favorite spices is cardamom.  I love cardamom!  I add it to steel cut oatmeal and once made a killer cardamom scented whipped cream!  I'm guessing the increase in metabolism from the spice will not offset the fact I'm eating whipped cream :( 

How about you? What spice do you adore? Please visit these perfumer's blogs for more uplifting scents and giveaways:



Joy In January Giveaway!


It's a joy spreading, smile inducing, uplifting blogathon project from the Natural Perfumer's Guild!  It's January and we aim to spread joy and fragrance.  January is often called the cruelest month.  Here in New England it's cold, it's dark, and the days are short.  Many suffer from the "winter blues" brought on by the lack of sunlight.

I call this particular season the Winterless Winter.  Here in Rhode Island we've had no snow.  This is bizarre.  Having lived my entire life in New England, from Vermont, to New Hampshire, to Massachusetts to Rhode Island I do not recall ever having a snowless winter.  According to an article I read online at Discover Magazine
the reason this winter is snow-free is due to an unusual jet stream pulling warm air across the country (shades of global climate change?)  Whatever the reason for the lack of snow, wildly fluctuating temperatures and frequent thunderstorms I feel the effect.  Something is off.  The trees and plants are confused.  Trees bud in the warm rain and then freeze.  I'm as confused.  The holidays felt strange with no snow.  Lighting a fire in the fireplace feels odd when it's 50 degrees outside in December.  My children ask me everyday when it will snow.  "When can we build a snowman Mom?"

So, in order to help spread cheer I look to scent.  Scents of citrus, jasmine and lilacs feel warm and happy, a reminder of impending spring.  I often find myself reaching for essences that I find uplifting when it's cold and grey outside.  I recently discovered the finest bitter orange essential oil I have ever experienced.  It's sunshine in a bottle.  Bright, clean and sparkling.  Excellent quality.  I use this bitter orange along with others such as rose, orange flower, amber, vanilla and ambrette in Divine eau de parfum.

Would you like to try Divine?  Or the incredible uplifting bitter orange essence I've found?  Leave a comment below and the chosen winner will receive a sample of Divine and the fab bitter orange!  Look for additional giveaways tomorrow and Wednesday.

Please check out all the talented generous participating Guild Perfumers blogs.  We are all giving away fabulous scented treats to brighten your January!