Introducing NEW Beauty Elixir Oil with gratitude to Madame Dumas!


When my great grandmother Madame Dumas spoke on beauty, people listened.  Madame Dumas, pictured here at age 68, was a former model and possessed a confidence that was apparent to all.  Those who met her quickly realized that Madame Dumas knew best.

A first generation American, she embraced her French heritage while raising thirteen children and looked impeccable while doing so.  One of the most elegant woman of her day, Madame Dumas was famous for her flawless complexion and lustrous hair expertly coiffed in her signature chignon.  

My arrière grand-mère attributed her appearance to daily applications of her magic “beauty oil.”  Ah, the beauty oil!  A secret family formula passed down for generations.   She prescribed her beauty oil for any and all cosmetic ailments.  Hair looking dull?  Beauty oil.  Hands dry and chapped from dish washing?  Beauty Oil.  Despite pleading requests , Madame Dumas never revealed the formula for her handmade beauty elixir. After her passing, it was left to the seven daughters to reunite and piece the formula together, essence by essence.  

Our Beauty Elixir Oil is based on this century old secret family formula for beautiful hair and nails.  The fragrance is all our own, and 100% natural.  We invite you to experience the healing power of organic essences blended with the intoxicating aroma of orange blossom, jasmine and neroli.  Remember, when it comes to beauty, Madame Dumas knows best.             





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Smells delish. This is an amazing pass me down. Thank you for sharing with us.


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