Coming Soon: Providence Perfume Co. Launching a New Boutique!

We've been very busy . . . not blogging!  But we have a good excuse.  We are launching a brick and mortar Providence Perfume Co. Perfumery here in Providence, Rhode Island.  The new space will have plenty of room for retail, a perfumery studio, and classroom space for instruction.  We are beyond thrilled and excited! 

Here's hoping for an opening in early April.  Is it folly to launch on April Fool's Day?

If anyone is interested in a detailed account of the retail store launch process, from signing the commercial lease to buying displays (sounds so exciting, right?) please feel free to visit: where weekly posts can be found documenting the highs and lows of opening a retail shop.

Wish us luck!

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I wish you all the luck in the world..

Rebecca Slinkard

Good luck! Can’t wait for the opening! Drove by the new store for the first time today and I’m super excited!


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