The Joy in January Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Joy in January Event!  Sending sunshine and appreciation for everyone who left comments, and all the Natural Perfumers Guild members who generously participated.  Cheers to Anya McCoy and Elise Pearlstine for coordinating the event. 

On to announcing the winners!  (Insert drumroll)

Day 1 Giveaway (Jan. 18) of bitter orange essential oil and Divine edp sample goes to: Vicki D. 

Day 2 Giveaway (Jan 19) of Ginger Lily edp goes to: Sandi Lundberg 

Day 3 Giveaway (Jan. 20) of Wild Lime Leaf body oil goes to: QuoterGal 

Please email us at: with your name and shipping address to receive your winnings

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I just wanted to thank you again for participating in the NPG “Joy in Janurary” project.
I hope that my browing of your store and your web pages before and since hasn’t cause offense. If it has, I deeply apologize. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, browsing through your perfumes, and sniffing the samples I ordered from you. (And thanks so very much for the free samples you included!)
I will, unfortunately, not be participating in any Natural Perfumer’s Guild giveaways or projects anymore. Anya has blocked me from the guild webpage (for looking at it too much; my fault for being a techie who loves to delve deep into things). I feel decidedly unwelcome in the guild. It breaks my heart to tell you this, because I don’t want you to choose between “me and the guild” – honestly, the guild is many people, and i’m just one. I have loved your perfumes, and if I encounter them on another website, i will look at them with longing from afar.

Much love,


Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!


thank you for sharing in this project charna! it’s been a great way to inform and bring the NP world together!


Neat! Nifty! Thanks so much – I’ve emailed you my particulars. Can’t wait to try my Wild Lime Leaf body oil.


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