May 2022: Weekend Natural Perfumery Intensive Course ONLINE - PART 3

May 2022: Weekend Natural Perfumery Intensive Course ONLINE - PART 3

 Beginner level class                        

This is an ONLINE natural botanical perfumery class that will take place the weekend of May 14-15, 2022. We have expanded our extremely popular in-person Weekend Intensive Course into three separate online classes in order to cover more information in greater depth. This course is Introduction to Natural Perfumery: Part 3.  This class will teach students how to independently formulate and evaluate their compositions while building upon content from Part 2.

Students must take the Part 2 course before registering for Part 3. Upon completion of all three segments of the Natural Perfumery Intensive Course, and submission of a final formula, students will receive a certificate of completion. In order to complete your registration and attend Part 3, students are required to purchase the Advanced Natural Perfumery Kit. Please note this kit must be purchased by May 1st.  Upon completion of this course, students will submit one perfume formula utilizing their best work as a final exercise and receive detailed feedback from the perfumer. Feedback will be emailed to the student after submission. (More detailed information will be provided to students in class.)

Topics addressed in this class will include the following:

Day 1: Saturday, May 14th 11:00 am-6:00 pm EST 

-Accord Building: students will spend the bulk of the day creating five unique accords using the advanced natural perfumery kit required for class formulation.  We will discuss the pros and cons of building accords for natural perfumery usage.


-self evaluation of formulations

-Botanical nomenclature

-natural isolates

-filtering methods

-tips on creating perfumes with sillage

-troubleshooting formulations

Day 2: Sunday, May 15th 11:00 am-3:00 pm EST

Marketing/Branding/Promotion 101 

Now that you've created your own amazing perfumes how to you sell them?  How do you get them featured in national magazines?  How do you build an online presence?  Little budget with big goals?  No problem!  
Deemed a one woman marketing dynamo on a budget, Charna Ethier (founder and perfumer of Providence Perfume Co.) has quickly garnered national attention for her fine fragrances.  She will share her secrets for creating an attention grabbing brand without breaking the bank.

Invaluable information on the following topics will be shared and discussed:

-wholesaling your product

-sourcing packaging suppliers

-sourcing packaging

-reputable suppliers for packaging/branding/printing

-creating a pricing structure
-selling your products online
-creating custom products for salons, spas, boutiques and clients
-incorporating social media marketing
-do's and dont's for social media interaction
-the best way to get your product in the hands of magazine editors
-the symbiotic relationship between critics, perfumers and bloggers
-how to market your perfume to achieve the greatest exposure
-photography and graphic design standards
-how to choose an e-commerce platform
-graceful self-promotion

This class is packed with invaluable information that is rarely shared with such forthright honesty and humor.  Attendees will leave with a personalized marketing action plan and a clear concept of where they want to take their fledgling, pre-existing or concept stage business!

WHO IS TEACHING ME?  Your instructor, the fabulous Charna Ethier, is the nose and founder of Providence Perfume Co., an award winning natural perfumery specializing in luxurious botanical fragrances. After spending years working for large beauty and fragrance companies, she desired to create her own line of 100% natural fragrances. Her perfumes have been featured in numerous magazines and print publications such as W magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The NY Times, and her Fifi award nominated fragrances have received critical acclaim throughout the fragrance industry.


IMPORTANT: Please note that all classes are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. This class will run online via Zoom. Students will need internet access and to create a free Zoom account prior to date of class. Materials used in this class include the advanced natural perfumery kit sold separately, a required purchase, and not included in the class price. Students are responsible for procuring approximately 4 ounces ethanol (perfumers alcohol) in order to participate in the class perfume formulation exercises.