September 2021 Weekend Natural Perfumery Intensive Course ONLINE - PART 1
September 2021 Weekend Natural Perfumery Intensive Course ONLINE - PART 1
September 2021 Weekend Natural Perfumery Intensive Course ONLINE - PART 1

September 2021 Weekend Natural Perfumery Intensive Course ONLINE - PART 1

 Beginner level class                        

This is an ONLINE natural botanical perfumery class that will take place the weekend of September 25-26, 2021. We have expanded our extremely popular in-person Weekend Intensive Course into three separate online classes in order to cover more information in greater depth. This course is Introduction to Natural Perfumery: Part 1.  Upon completion of all three segments of the Natural Perfumery Intensive Course, students will receive a certificate of completion. In order to complete your registration and attend Part 1, students are required to also purchase the Deluxe Introduction to Natural Perfumery Kit. We encourage you to sign up for this class as early as possible, as it typically sells out well ahead of the class meeting dates.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  Anyone Interested in learning how to create a well balanced natural perfume from an award winning perfumer. Whether you want to learn how to make natural perfumes for yourself or have dreamed of launching your own line of fragrances, this class will start you on your way to understanding and creating natural fragrances.

WHAT WILL I ACHIEVE?  A basic working knowledge of the art of natural perfumery. Each student will create six perfumes during the course of the weekend class under the guidance of the instructor.

WHAT WILL I LEARN?  Natural perfumery is an art with roots tracing back thousands of years, and natural perfumes are now the fastest growing market segment of the perfume industry. Topics addressed in this class will include the following:

Day 1: Saturday, Sept. 25th 11:00 am-6:00 pm EST 

The vernacular of scent

The components of natural perfumes: essential oils, absolutes, floral waxes, concretes, and alcohols

Top, middle and base note classification


The importance of notekeeping (formularies, impressions, revisiting)

Labeling and ageing 

Proper storage of perfumes and perfumery materials

Photosensitizing essences

Day 2: Sunday, Sept. 26th 11:00 am-3:00 pm EST

More complex perfumery techniques will be discussed on Day 2, such as: 

-learning how to think creatively about perfume formulation

-creating accurate dilutions by weight or volume

-filtering methods

-tips on creating perfumes with sillage

-troubleshooting formulations

-differences between alcohol and oil carriers

Upon completion of this Introductory course, students may choose to submit the perfume formula for one of the completed perfumes they made during class and receive detailed feedback from the perfumer. Feedback will be emailed to the student after submission.

WHO IS TEACHING ME?  Your instructor, the fabulous Charna Ethier, is the nose and founder of Providence Perfume Co., an award winning natural perfumery specializing in luxurious botanical fragrances. After spending years working for large beauty and fragrance companies, she desired to create her own line of 100% natural fragrances. Her perfumes have been featured in numerous magazines and print publications such as W magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The NY Times, and her Fifi award nominated fragrances have received critical acclaim throughout the fragrance industry.


IMPORTANT: Please note that all classes are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. This class will run online via Zoom. Students will need internet access and to create a free Zoom account prior to date of class. Materials used in this class include the deluxe intro to natural perfumery kit with Labware sold separately, are a required purchase and are not included in the class price. Students are responsible for procuring ethanol (perfumers alcohol) in order to participate in the class perfume formulation exercises. We are happy to make suggestions on where/how to obtain ethanol once you register for this class. Early bird discounted registration pricing is currently in effect. This course typically sells out and the price of class will increase as we get closer to the class date.