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Sample Love-In-A-Mist eau de parfum


Our new botanical fragrance Love-In-A-Mist is named after a fragrant wildflower of the same name.  This rare distillation of nigella damascene (the flower romantically called "love in a mist") with it's honeyed floral aroma inspired perfumer Charna Ethier to create a scent reminiscent of barefoot summer walks through fields, the air rich with the scent of sweet clover, lilac and wildflower.  Close your eyes, feel the sun on your face and listen to the drone of the drowsy bumblebee and cicada.

Notes: love-in-a-mist, mimosa, pink peppercorn, sandalwood, sweet clover.  Floral and feminine.

Please note this item is a 1.5 ml spray sample. Not a full size bottle as pictured.