Lavender Facial Mist

Lavender Facial Mist

Lavender love!  Our pure lavender floral water is distilled from premium high altitude organic lavender and is highly aromatic. Floral or distillate waters are excellent for the skin as they contain pure plant and flower extracts that are beneficial and healing. 

We recommend our lavender facial mist for all skin types, particularly sensitive or combination skin.  Excellent for returning the skin to a neutral ph level post washing, our facial mists can provide additional hydration when applied before moisturizer.  We recommend storing your facial mist in the refrigerator for ultimate freshness and pore minimizing properties.  Please note our flower water mists are 100% natural are lightly preserved using a radish root complex.  We recommend using within 6 months to preserve ultimate therapeutic properties. 2 fluid ounces in frosted glass atomizer.

Additional uses:

-lightly scented body mist

-room freshener

-linen mist

-curl refreshing hair styler