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Green Pearl Tea

Green Pearl Tea

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A•POTH•A•CARE•TEA : Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Perfumed Loose Tea from Providence Perfume Co.

Pearls of green tea unfurling softly in your cup . . . who doesn't love a high quality green tea rich with antioxidants?  Our organic green tea is harvested, then the tea leaves are then rolled into tight balls and very lightly warmed over the fire to dry.  This process results in a fresh, grassy, lightly herbaceous green tea.  This style of green tea is often referred to as "gunpowder" as their shape is reminiscent of old fashioned gunpowder.  We prefer the term "pearled" and enjoy this tea in the summer with fresh mint leaves added for a traditional moroccan style mint tea. 

12 ounces, loose tea

hand blended: organic gunpowder green pearled tea.

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Fragrance Family

Gluten Free

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