Gourmand Natural Perfumery Kit - Providence Perfume Co.

Gourmand Natural Perfumery Kit

The Gourmand Natural Perfumery Kit contains 16 hard to find essences instrumental in creating gourmand perfumes. Our goal in offering the perfumery kit is to simplify the formulation process by creating a helpful kit for the at home perfumer to experiment with. Essences are selected based on versatility, ease of use, and quality.  A mouthwatering, conveniently packaged, user friendly gourmand themed perfumery kit. A tutorial is included with information and tips on formulation, style, dosage and suggestions for increasing your familiarity with the essences.

While hands on education (via live perfumery classes) is always best, this carefully curated set of perfume materials was chosen to assist the at home perfumer with creating fragrances with edible notes using our collection of essences.  

The Gourmand Perfumery Kit includes:

3 ml. Cocoa Absolute

3 ml. Vanilla Co2 

3 ml. Natural Maltol 25% dilution

3 ml. Natural Vanillin 25% dilution

3 ml. Honey Absolute

3 ml. Cocoa Essence

3 ml. Espresso Bean Essential Oil

3 ml. Fenugreek Absolute 50% dilution

3 ml. Licorice Absolute 50% dilution

3 ml. Fir Balsam Absolute 10% dilution

3 ml. Tobacco Absolute

3 ml. Bitter Almond 10% dilution

3 ml. Tonka Bean Absolute 20% dilution

3 ml. Coconut Pulp Co2

3 ml. Massoia Bark Essential Oil

3 ml. Benzoin Absolute 25% dilution

5 page beginners tutorial on usage


16 essences in 1 dram capped bottles (please note one dram vials hold 3.7 ml. and we have filled the vials approximately 85% full, they contain 3 ml. each.)  No substitutions on essences included in kit.