chypre and Fougere class

Chypre and Fougère Fragrance Formulation Class ONLINE: November 6, 2021

Please note this is an online Intermediate level botanical perfumery class. This class assumes a level of prior perfumery knowledge obtained by taking previous perfumery classes with Charna Ethier.

 Intermediate level class

Mossy, green, herbaceous, deep and complex.  Fougère and Chypre perfumes command attention.  Not for the wallflower, these rich unisex fragrances are redolent of moss, patchouli, verdant forest floor, and earth.  Once incredibly popular, these fragrance genres have fallen by the wayside; succumbing to a sea of inoffensive fruity florals, clean white musks, and sanitized cashmere woods.  We're bringing mossy back in this class!

Fougères and Chypres are the most misunderstood of all fragrance families.  While possessing some similar characteristics, these families are more different than you may imagine.  In this one day botanical perfumery class, we will learn how to create beautiful natural Chypres and Fougères redolent of moss, woods and resins with perfumer Charna Ethier.  

Registered students will receive a kit of essences valued at over $200 to use in formulating our Chypre and Fougère compositions, a course syllabus and access to the live zoom class which runs from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm EST Saturday November 6th, 2021.  Included in the price of this class are the following materials which will be mailed to students prior to the class date:

16 qty. botanical essences in 3 ml. vials

  • bergamot 
  • geranium absolute
  • patchouli
  • yellow mandarin
  • vetiver
  • linalool
  • rose absolute
  • oak moss 10%
  • labdanum absolute 50%
  • lavender absolute
  • mimosa
  • tonka 40%
  • peach compound
  • myrrh
  • cedar wood 
  • tomato leaf

6 qty. labeled wide mouth vials for storing fragrance mods

1 scent strip holder

16 plastic pipettes

24 scent strips

Attendees will focus on creating six different fragrance mods during class.

Session 1: Students will begin by creating a simplistic Chypre skeleton with a limited number of essences for the first exercise.  They will then create their own versions of FRUITY and FLORAL styles of Chypre.

Session 2:  Students will begin by creating a simplistic Fougère skeleton with a limited number of essences for the first exercise.  They will then create their own versions of GREEN and WOODY/AMBER styles of Fougère.

Please note all classes are non refundable and non transferable. Students must have access to perfumers alcohol (approximately 3 ounces minimum) and a small (20-50 ml.) beaker as these are the only materials needed for class that are not provided.  Students must have access to wifi and a free zoom account to participate in class.