Boronia Flower absolute

Boronia Flower absolute

Boronia. BORONIA!!! Sunshine and flowers and happiness in a bottle.  We have been obsessed with this rare floral absolute since first sniff, spending years ordering samples to find just the right one and sourcing a reputable supplier for this outrageously costly essence.  Boronia grows predominantly in Tasmania and it's not unusual for Boronia to cost upwards of $1,000.00 per ounce!

After locating a sample of the most utterly beautiful boronia we had ever experienced, our founder doggedly set about saving up to purchase a larger quantity only to find the exquisite lot she had sampled had sold out last year. After much pleading (and yes, some groveling was involved), the supplier searched in the far reaches of their warehouse and was able to locate the last of this very special lot.

We are so very thrilled to be able to offer for purchase some of this beautiful boronia from the magical lot of last year.



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