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Balsam & Resins AMBER Basenote Perfume Class : ONLINE April 6th, 2024

Balsam & Resins AMBER Basenote Perfume Class : ONLINE April 6th, 2024

 Beginner level class

  Intermediate level online class 

 This amber perfume course sells out quickly each time it's offered so if you're interested in attending this popular class, we recommend registering sooner rather than later as space is limited! Our perfumer, Charna, only teaches a few classes each year, in the Spring and Autumn months.  If you wish to take a perfume class, early registration is recommended, and classes are posted six months in advance.

April 6th, 2024 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST 
This online class will focus on exploring natural resinous base notes and building amber accords using the essences included in the student materials kit. These essences are tricky to work with as they are sticky and/or solid materials at room temperature but are worth the work as they are the cornerstone of many styles of fragrances and have been used for centuries to create perfumes.  Students will learn how to dilute these materials to render them workable and how to use these ancient resins and balsams for longevity and effect in fragrance formulation.  In addition we will also focus on the distinguishing characteristics of these materials, such as why we might choose to use one particular essence over another for effect.
Each attendee will create four base note accords: incense, amber, gourmand, woody/forest.

Your materials kit is valued at over $100.00 and included in the price of the course. Materials will be mailed to students prior to class date. The materials kit contains the following ten botanical essences in 4 ml. vials:

- opoponax absolute 25%

- copaiba balsam essential oil

- fir balsam absolute 25%

- benzoin absolute 50%

- balsam of peru

- frankincense essential oil

- labdanum absolute 50%

- white cedar wood absolute 25%

- myrrh essential oil

- vanillin 50%

Also Included in your kit:

-sample benzoin absolute (undiluted-solid)

- 10 qty. pipettes

- scent strips

- 4 qty. wide mouth vials with labels for storing mods

- course syllabus

Please note all classes are non refundable and non transferable. Participating students need access to a free zoom account prior to class to participate.  Students must have 2 ounces of perfumers alcohol (ethanol) for class activities, as well as a small 30 ml-50 ml. size beaker as these are the only components of class that are not provided. Early registration pricing is currently in effect, pricing subject to change.  

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