Perfumery Materials


We focus on sourcing the highest quality, finest examples of rare essential oils and absolutes.  We purchase these materials in larger quantities to formulate our own line and believe all those interested in perfumery deserve access to these incredible aromas.  One can spend infinite amounts of time and money sampling and sourcing the best essences to craft fine perfumes.  Our selections are carefully curated to reflect our penchant for exotic, beautiful essences.  

Our 1/4 oz. essences are housed in amber glass bottles with orifice reducers, unless the essence is viscous and would not dispense from the reducer. Bottles hold 10 ml. (1/3 oz.) but are filled to 7.5 ml. or (1/4 oz.)

Our labels are color coded as follows:

GREEN = rare/hard to find

BLUE = top note

PINK = heart/middle note

PURPLE = base note