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Natural Perfumery Expansion Kit

Natural Perfumery Expansion Kit

The Natural Perfumery Expansion Kit contains 16 rare and challenging essences for student formulation. These hard to find essences are carefully chosen by our perfumer with an emphasis on sourcing the finest quality materials for the beginning perfumer, along with helpful labware to measure, age, filter and store your perfume creations.  This expansion kit contains material for at home tincturing.  Please make your choice of tincture material from the drop down menu when purchasing.

This kit is required for our Introduction to Natural Perfumery Weekend Intensive Class, Part 2 course.

This carefully curated set of perfume materials was chosen by perfumer Charna Ethier to assist the beginning perfumer.

The Natural Perfumery Expansion Kit includes: 

16 disposable plastic pipettes 

6 wide mouth labelled vials for storing and aging perfume mods 

24 perfume blotters

wide mouth jar and material for tincture (see multiple choices)

16 essences in 4 ml. capped vials:

Ambrette Seed

Oakwood Absolute

Ylang Ylang Absolute

Pink Pepper Essential Oil 

Rose Absolute 

Jasmine Sambac Absolute 

Yuzu Essential Oil 

Tobacco Absolute

Cocoa Absolute 

Bitter Almond 

Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil 



Ylang Ylang/Lily Essential Oil

Honey Absolute 

Green Cognac Essential Oil 


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