Bitter Almond Essential Oil - Providence Perfume Co.

Bitter Almond Essential Oil

Our bitter almond oil is diluted to 50% making it easier to use in formulating.  Bitter almond is an incredibly powerful essence that can add a cherry or almond note to fragrances when used lightly.  Try enhancing the almond note by pairing it with vanilla, coconut pulp and tonka.  To enhance the fruity cherry aspect of bitter almond, try pairing with jasmine grandiflorum and pink grapefruit.  Warm, sweet and fruity bitter almond is a distinct accessory note useful increasing gourmand or fruity floral scents.   top to mid note, diluted with fractionated coconut oil, suitable for alcohol, oil and solid perfume formulation. Over time, this essence can crystallize in the bottom of the bottle. This does not effect the aroma of the oil. Prussic acid free.

1/4 ounce