The Light Collection: Perfume Sample Set - Providence Perfume Co.

The Light Collection: Perfume Sample Set


Which Providence Perfume Co. scent is your favorite?  We offer two sampler sets of our award winning fragrances in an organic alcohol base. The "Light Collection" and "Dark Collection."

The light collection is a sampler set consisting of eight samples of lighter, fresher scents. The dark collection consists of eight samples of richer, full bodied, complex fragrances.  Each sample set arrives gift boxed and beautifully presented on a bed of moss. Once you've decided which scents are your favorite, use the enclosed coupon to receive a discount on your favorite scent. 

The Light Collection Includes 1.5 ml. samples of:

  • Love-In-A-Mist
  • Hindu Honeysuckle
  • Basil & Bartlett
  • Lemon Liada
  • Bay Rum
  • Sedona Sweetgrass
  • Mousseline Pêche
  • Branch & Vine


Makes a great gift!

(Please note that we are unable to make substitutions.)