Perfumed Tea Sampler Set - Providence Perfume Co.

Perfumed Tea Sampler Set

A•POTH•A•CARE•TEA : Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Perfumed Loose Tea from Providence Perfume Co.

Can't decide which of our beautiful perfumed teas to try?  Our a•poth•a•care•tea sampler set is the solution! Our tea set includes all six perfumed teas packaged in tea test-"er" tubes:

• Brambleberry Rose Tea

• Orange Blossom Oolong Tea

• Yuzu Breakfast Tea

• Green Pearl Tea

• Earl Grey & Lavender Tea

• Violetta Tea 

Each tea test tube includes enough tea for approximately 2-3 cups of brewed tea (approximately 5 teaspoons per vial.) Our perfumed tea sampler set makes a wonderful gift for any tea or perfume lover.

6 tea vials containing loose tea. We invite you to reuse your test tubes after savoring our tea. Vials are perfect for storing herbs and spices. Please see individual tea descriptions for detailed taste and aroma profiles. Contents may settle during shipping.