2013 Perfumer's Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Here's hoping we all have a most excellent 2013.  As I look back over the last twelve months I'm surprised by how much has changed and how much has stayed the same (Yes, I realize it's cliché, but the veracity of it, like so many tried and true statements still amazes me).  Instead of my usual personal resolutions, which would bore you and always include variations on the following themes:

1.) I vow to stop thumbing through smutty gossip magazines while standing in line at the grocery store, as it's rotting my brain.

2.) I will not drink an entire bottle of wine while watching back to back episodes of "The Next Iron Chef."

3.) I vow to become a more civilized person (which involves not swearing profusely even when I step on yet another of my son's legos in the dark, crippling myself on the way to the bathroom.)

4.) I will not use the excuse, "I cannot go to the gym today because last night I stepped on a lego block and now my little toe really hurts when I walk."

5.) I will not make another list of clichéd resolutions when I have so many other, better things to do. For instance...

6.) I will post a list of resolutions, that as a perfumer and small business owner I will try and follow.  Commence list!

2013 Perfumer's Resolutions

1. I vow to not use self-deprecating humor in public conversations, interviews or when blogging as I believe it makes people think I really am dim/untalented/uneducated.  Whoops!  I think I just broke this resolution--see above :(

2. I will not use smiley or unhappy faces online as they are best left for 13 year olds who text faster than I can talk.

3. I will never order from Best Bottles/Nemat International again.  Do you hear me Best Bottles?  We. Are. Over.

4. I vow to try and build up backstock of product, so that when I receive a large purchase order I'm not filled with dread at the thought of filling 100 bottles, labeling, polishing, and boxing perfumes.

5. I vow not to greet the UPS man daily with a winning smile and the words, "Wow!  You're here already?  It's umm, just going to be a few more minutes until I get these orders ready."

6. I will purchase aromatics in larger quantities to facilitate batch replication.

7. I will continue to spend an obscene amount of time (and money) sourcing the highest quality essences available.  Using unique, quality aromatics in my products is of unmeasurable importance.

8. I vow to begin delegating more work to others.  Thinking I am the best woman for the job--every job--is not savvy.  (See Resolution #5.)

9. I will investigate new payment processing systems and website shopping carts with increased security features.  Sigh, maybe I will delegate this task as it's painful to type this resolution, never mind fulfill it.  Not fun.

10. I vow to continue to stick to my guns, follow my own path, and make my own decisions.  I will remind myself that despite all the well meaning advice, only I can decide what's right for me and my business.

Wow. First time I've ever polished off a resolution list with such grace, presence, and style, and in less than two weeks of the year starting.

It's going to be a great year!

Charna Ethier is the owner the all natural perfume company, Providence Perfume Co.