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Interested in perfumery? Want to learn how to create your own chemical free fragrances?  Our "nose" a.k.a Charna, teaches students how to make natural perfume, encouraging both beginner and intermediate students on how to craft their own fragrances.  Charna is an award winning perfumer, with an arsenal of natural perfumery experience which she readily shares with her students.

Students receive the fundamental building blocks necessary for learning how to create natural fragrances.  A breadth of information is covered in these classes, from dosage, scent classification, aging, filtering, sillage, fixation, tincturing, to accessory notes.  Classes are held throughout the year in our Providence, RI shop at 301 Wickenden Street where students are immersed in a real working perfumery environment with access to rare essences, books and perfumery materials.

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Student feedback is a valuable tool for any teacher to gauge student satisfaction and discovery.  Here are what our students are saying:

"I really enjoyed Charna's perfume class.  Her passion for natural perfume is apparent in everything she does and is inspiring!  I learned more about the building blocks of perfume than I expected, and hope I can translate what I learned into my own perfumes."

-Catherine J.


"I travelled from Seattle to take this natural perfume class and it was worth it!  Charna is funny and makes you feel like you can do it!  My favorite part of the class is when we made our own tinctures.  I can't wait to get home and start experimenting with my raspberry tincture and oil kit."

-Janis M.

"Owning a bodycare business, I took this class to help create new blends for scenting my products.  I feel like I have a better idea of what scents go together now.  The business aspect of perfume we discussed in class was interesting.  I feel like I learned a lot that I can apply to my business."

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Author: Charna Ethier
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